Nowadays it’s quite common to have a blog. Somebody writes for passion and somebody writes for work. And it’s been years since blogging has become a real profession.

Until a year ago I never thought about creating my personal Blog. Mainly because I did not think I had anything interesting to write and I did not even have a product to sell, which is actually the majority of bloggers that follow do.

Then, while the idea of moving abroad and starting a new adventure was becoming reality, I had also begun to think on how I could resell myself once abroad. I started wondering how I could demonstrate to my future employers, customers and colleagues that I have the experience they are looking for? How could I emerge from the different candidates by sending only Curriculum and Cover Letter?

So I decided that I started studying in my spare time and I would shared every new knowledge, article read, and topic discussed. Anything was the subject: finance, marketing, travel, lifestyle. Because only so, I could differentiate myself, presenting myself for what I am in life, without pretense. In itself, my international experience that I was faced was to be talked about. No matter what, the important thing was to share.

Written the first post, I also started to do some research about how to increase the visibility of my site. Because it is good to write for ourselves, but let’s say it: it’s better if someone reads our posts.

So in my on-line researches I’ve come across in this ‘Google’s Search Engine Optimization Guide’ that you can find at this link -> Click here.

Below there is a small summary of the key concepts:

How to Optimize our site for search engines to improve visibility

First of all, I want to define SEO concept, a word that has now come into our daily vocabulary, but that not everyone understands the real sense.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is defined as all the activities aimed at improving the visibility of a website on search engines (eg Google, Yahoo!, etc.). In order to improve the website ranking.

Often it involves minimal changes to some parts of the site, which if combined with other optimizations can have a significant impact.

Here are some tips that we or our trusted webmaster can apply to our Blog / Site to improve the visibility of our Blog:

  • You should always be clear about what is best for users, ie those to whom our site and our products are addressed
  • Use proper and unique page titles
  • Specify the meta tag Description by entering a short summary that anticipates and illustrates the topic addressed in the page
  • Make the URL of pages simple and friendly, so that your users can easily remember and share them
  • Create a sitemap to let users navigate better on the site and find content that they search for and facilitate search engine scans
  • Share quality content and services by constantly updating your content, using Blog, Social Media, Newsletter.

The word-of-mouth is still a powerful tool to build our reputation

  • Define appropriate Anchor Texts to improve access to linked pages
  • Optimize images
  • Use Tag Heading to give visibility to important texts
  • Specify the information we want to be optimized by creating the robot.txt file
  • Promote the site in the right way: through a planned, personalized social sharing

These are just some of the tips that Google has shared. Obviously SEO is a real job. But for those who want to start alone, they can be small things that can surely help.

I will continue to share my thoughts and my researches as in a sort of diary because now I think it is worth everyone to share our thoughts, obviously if positive and aimed at the collaboration and growth of each of us.

From ‘strangely’ sunny Holland to today it’s all!

Have Fun!!!


Google -> Guida introduttiva di Google all’ottimizzazione per motori di ricerca (SEO)

Wikipedia -> Definizione di Ottimizzazione (motori di ricerca)

Mockup by zan ilic